Simply put, your team should try to amass as many kills per game as possible. Basketball is a simple game of pass and catch. Close shots are slightly below the average PPP, netting 0.843 PPP to the average 0.86, which normally would mean to limit them, however, it also must be taken into account that most shooting fouls are drawn the closer a player is to the basket, so while technically this is a below-average way to score, it also has the greatest potential to lead to the most efficient way to score. That's our goal every time we play a game. Per 100 Poss. Bracketing the circles can show whether it was a two-shot or one-and-one situation. As an example, with our youth team we only track "made passes" and "rebounds". Your app looks pretty cool, and I like the stats. Of these three schools, Texas played at the fastest tempo, averaging 66.9 possessions per game . (Prevents Spam). I think it's an interesting stat but I have not experimented with or used the stat myself. To find out your team's average possessions per game, divide the total of possessions number by the number of games played. Looking at the numbers broken down by quarter can also give you an idea of how your team responds to certain situations. If you have 15 turnovers in a 40 possession game, that can be a HUGE deal. What can you work on improving so youre better prepared next time to handle that press? Jeff:This is actually my profession - I'm a software developer with over 30 years experience and I've both given and taken many classes in UI design, so I know what you went through. If you would like to be added to the motion offense mailing list subscribe here! Those are two key stats which are left out, stats which usually occur free throw line to free throw line. I don't want the kids even seeing points because some never score yet. Thus, the app leaves it up to the user to decide if it should be counted as a turnover. Note that the further right along the x-axis a point is, the more reliable the data is as it represents a higher sample size of that particular scoring method. If you beat your opponent in ALL four stats, you will always win. That's the only way to win a game. resurgence with an average of 15.3 points per game. Thanks for posting! That includes having teams that average 70 points a game and one that played a 31-29 overtime loss to Simeon and Derrick Rose in the 2006 state championship game. So I wanted to share. The Wildkits gym already has a shot clock installed. Appreciate it! If as a coach, you can find a way to consistently take more shots than your opponent and shoot a higher percentage, you're going to win a lot of basketball games! We all know shooting is important. And if you examine each of the 5 stats above, you'll see they have a big impact on the game and feed directly into the 4 top level stats. That is why the article lists the "4 most important stats" to be:- FGA- EFG% (which considers both 3pt and 2pt shots)- FTA- FT%I suppose I could reword the sentence you pointed out to say"To win you either need to shoot a higher EFG and FT percentage -- or take more shots than your opponent. Livatino thinks it benefits everyone from the players to the fans to the coaches. For youth development, I agree with you. However during the off-season I may take a look at TO% and consider it down the road. A possession is "a statistic in basketball defined as the time a team gains offensive possession of the ball until it scores, loses the ball, or commits a violation or foul.". For example, any time your opponent scores on three straight . By calculating the points per possession (or PPP) of high school basketball games, I hope to find the most efficient ways to score at the high school level much like Morey did at the professional level. Either way, despite the lack of sample size, it is clear that mid-range jump shots are the least efficient way to score in high school basketball, and if a team wants to maximize offensive efficiency with math, they should limit these shots to as few as possible. By looking at these 4 stats and comparing them to your opponent, you can always tell whether you are winning or losing a game. I think it is pointless to compare yours with your opponent's because you have no control over your opponent's shooting ability. Enter your email and we'll send you exclusive predictions and analysis. I share the data I am tracking with our other coaches, and that is one set of data that I cannot show them unless they actually look on my ipad. 2) Defensive Rebounding Percentage (DReb%) - DReb% is the percentage of available rebounds the defensive team gets. Loyola, in particular, is a prime example. On the third, his teammate Player B was fouled in the act of shooting and made a free throw. The boys, 17 and 16, were shot less than half a mile from one another about 20 minutes apart, police said. From a numbers standpoint, mid-range shots are worth the same amount of points as close shots, they are more difficult to convert on than close shots, they are less likely to draw a foul on than close shots, and they dont net as many points as the only slightly more difficult three-pointers. The NBA has been using a shot clock for over half a century, while the NCAA adopted the shot clock in 1985. Nothing is worse than working really hard on a possession only to foul your opponent and gives them two easy free throws. This is true but looking at the scoreboard is even faster. We call them Raiders since that is our mascot. But I don't think that matters. Mid-range shots are the second outlier, with an abysmal 0.516 PPP on 62 attempts/possessions. So for me it's just a logical way to tell the story of the game and see precisely why we won or lost. We have been doing this for several years now and have learned a few things along the way. This article was written competitive level coaches (high school level and higher) where the primary objective is to win games. One person has iPad and other person is there calling out stats (spotter) just in case the person with iPad looks down and missing something. A lot of games are won and lost at the line, especially in the 4th qtr.I would definately leave in the top 4.JMO, David - Good point. That comes to about 15 seconds per possession on average. Cookies | That's why you should look at your FG attempts and then immediately look at the next stat to put things in perspective Stat #2 - Effective Field Goal Percentage (EFG%). During the 2013 NFL season, it was projected that each team will receive 12 possessions . Maybe you're focusing on the wrong things? The one thing it lacks is a tie-in to the video itself - so ideally you can click on turnovers for example, and find the spot in the video where all turnovers occurred.If you're looking for this sort of video + stats integration, check out For one, getting to the line gives you a "free shot". A study done in Ohio three years ago found that the average cost of installing and running a shot clock is between $5,000 and $10,000. In the nine games against Cape opposition, Martha's Vineyard is 9-0 and is winning by an average of nearly 20 points per game. A jump ball doesn't necessarily count as a turnover. MIAA releases first high school boys and girls basketball . While unexciting, these discoveries can also be taken into account for the way a high-school team plays defense. I think this early process has been great and intelligent in how its being done, Loyola coach Tom Livatino said. That might all sound great and all of us coaches would love to have detailed stats at our finger tips. Jeff,I have tried using similar apps for stat tracking for baseball and found it really difficult to keep up with the pace of the game. You score, your defense gets a stop and you score again. What this all means is that if a high-school basketball team wants to use math to maximize their offensive efficiency, they should maximize their 3-pointers, free-throws, and close shots while minimizing mid-range jump shots, which, unfortunately, is a rather dull discovery, as these are the exact things taken into account when enforcing Moreyball at the professional level. Sounds like a nice app. I hope you don''t mind, but I will definitely be stealing this idea. I absolutely LOVE the "Raider" stat on so many levels! Pingback: Self Scout - Asking Tough Questions. Let me know if you think it is valid. . I like to keep it simple. Receive 72 drills, 32 plays & 7 shooting workouts! The number of possessions in an NFL game may be one of the toughest things to determine. Now after looking at the 4 stats above, you can drill down into the next 5 key stats to get a clearer picture of what's happening. If you can find a way to consistently take more field goal attempts that your opponent takes (take more shots), then you have a good chance to win games. A pace factor of 75 over 100 games would indicate that a team averages 75 possessions per game. Or you could do it the Apple way and just make it work for the most common use model. So its safe to say that Moreyball is an effective way to manage a professional-level basketball team. As far as who keep stats with youth teams it's a parent or relative. Joe Girard COP Highlights 2 4,559 views 3:26. Some people only track a few stats. An offensive example at the professional level would be in the 2017-18 NBA season. More so than any other app we have tried. :). If the opponent pressed us non stop, gambled, and had great athletes, I might be ecstatic with 12 turnovers. I looked at TO% a while back and forgot about it. There are four quarters. So as a goal, we're always trying to beat our opponent in at least 3 out of those 4 stats. Making things even more complicated is the breakneck pace-and-space ethos that has quickly become the new normal at every level of the game. That's why we list turnovers above in the article and we don't list assists. If you have any questions, let me know. The shot clock puts more coaching into the game, said Ellis, who has guided four teams to Peoria and brought home four state trophies. Track your opponent as well. This is a critical report for us and this tool makes me a better coach. (The league average is 301.5 and the Golden St. Warriors average 311 passes a game). The following two tabs change content below. Already have Assist and want to get more out of it? I used to tell my players that I didn't care who started each game and to prove it I would start different players every game. Points per Game; Average Scoring Margin; Offensive Efficiency; Floor % 1st Quarter Points per Game; Record and last ranking are in parenthesis. Anything above a 1.0 is good. However after going through all the options and designing numerous versions of the interface with our design team, we as a team decided all those buttons were necessary and/or made for a better all around appWith app and software design, consistency is crucial (this includes button placement, wording, and following standards that users are used to). Great stat that I do look at. Team A ran a slower-paced game, and had 24 total possessions, while Team B was in a faster-paced game with 40 total possessions. But this app will make it easier. There are many different applications of this stat, but the one thing virtually every coach at every level can agree on is the Mendoza line. The effort includes conducting a massive statewide survey among high school coaches, which went out on Monday for coaches to complete by Sunday, July 26. Northeast Florida high school girls basketball stats leaders through January 24 . Without having to account for pace, points per possession can tell you right away which lineup combinations are working, and which arent (or should be dashed altogether). These numbers can be calculated on a game-by-game basis using the same process. The reason that it doesn't hold as true in the NBA is that the defense played at the Pro level is lousy. That comes to about 15 seconds per possession on average. I expected my teams at any level from youth thru high school age to score 2pts for every minute of the game. I would suggest a new stat which I think is very important in motivating our defense to respond differently after a turnover.

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average possessions per high school basketball game

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